Thursday, April 7, 2011

no red streaks

After some feedback decided that it's better this way:)


  1. great real time piece,the skins is amazing.i wonder it would be great if you describe your shading process,the skin shader in marmooset seems improved so much

  2. Thanks, glad you like it.I love your work.

    For the skin I used a really desaturated diffuse map the color comes from subdermis and dermis colors mostly.I used translucency map with red color at the mouth and nose areas to help the skin feel.
    Also the scatter smoothing slider helps a lot I find.

  3. Nagyon szép munka, ha ráérsz oszd meg egy topic-ban az ArtistPub-on is! Nagy sikere lenne!

    meg persze bármi korábbi munkádat is amit úgy gondolsz!

  4. Köszi, örülök hogy tetszik.
    Csináltam neki egy topic-ot ArtistPub -on.

  5. Thanks Zoltan for reply,i LOve your works as well,i'm working on new character which you may seen on my blog,i would like to create a next gen character and test the new marmooset,so your advice could helpful cheers:D